Importance Of Friendship

Even as an introvert I have found no problem making friends. I use the word “friends” loosely here. I believe there are three types of friends, each of whom have played an important role in understanding my sense of self.

1.) The convenient friend.

This is the type of friend you have for the season. That is, the friend you meet along the road, as you both travel your life journey. You are together for a “season” or two, until one or both of you goes on to your next adventure. You may feel bereft for a while but then you cross paths with someone new and another friendship begins; it’s a cyclical pattern.

2.) The toxic friend.

This one can radically alter your mood for the worst and for me should be avoided if possible. For whatever reason, their negative mood or vibe is contagious. Do they make you feel bad about yourself, agitated, or maybe even ill? Are they consumed in drama ALL THE TIME? Are you finding they always have problems and somehow every conversation is all about them. If so, you could be in a toxic friendship. Remember the saying you are who you “associate” with, hanging out with this friend will only bring you down.

3.) The enduring friend.

This type of friendship is what Aristotle referred to as “friendships of the good,” which he believed to be highly valuable, and necessary for one to live a happy life.

They are rare and you may only have a handful during your life. But if you are lucky enough, you’ll find at least one. I consider myself very lucky to have found a few.

These friends are the people you count on when something big happens in your life. They are honest, and always have your best interest at heart.

**I want to try to have only enduring friendships, otherwise I feel phony.

Life is too short to have or to be a bad friend. Some friendships will drift away, while others may stay the course. But I’ve come to terms with that, it’s sad sometimes to let go of friendships and accept their end, but again nothing is permanent. Remember each and every relationship, good or bad, teaches you something about yourself.

7 thoughts on “Importance Of Friendship”

  1. I’m not certain about friendship… A very wise person once told me that people move into and out of our lives because we need them or they need us. Why we choose to move in or out is really inconsequential – such as the reasons for ditching toxic friends. It doesn’t matter why we enter or leave someone’s circle, there will always be reasons for doing either. What’s important is that both people gleaned something from the relationship and can move forward a better person because of it. I sad “can,” not “will.” You always have to leave a margin of error for the crazy-stalker-killer-dudes… Anyhoo, this philosophy could be a load of crap. Which is why I always revert to my standard, which is that there are no such things as friends. We came into this life alone and we will leave alone. There is no “we” about that. There are simply those few other souls we can tolerate and that massive number of others we can’t. It’s certainly nice and sweet to be considerate of them. But each one of us will be judged solely by ourselves on that final day. I certainly like the way you think though

  2. Well written.

    Sometimes I love walking down the lonely road all alone as I believe I am the only one capable of being my best friend ‘cos with friends comes a lot of trouble which I will like to avoid as much as I can.

  3. I belive what makes a friend is the quality moments we spend together. Most of the time we spend too much time in a relationship without having these quality moments which lift the friendship to a higher level.
    Just wanted to share this and let u know that I really like ur post.

  4. this is a great list and so true. People come into your life at different times for so many possible reasons. I love the quote, “Don’t count the number of friends you have but the number of friends you can count on.”

    happy Friday!

  5. I have discovered the same thing about friendships except for a couple of additional categories (which are subset of two of yours). Enduring friends, or true friends, are truly few and far between.

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