Why Blog? Proven Growth Benefits for Your Business

With ever-changing technology and consumer demands, businesses must create a strong online presence to engage and communicate with their customers efficiently.

According to Hubspot, 81% of B2B companies use a blog as a content marketing tactic.

Why? It’s less expensive than other marketing strategies and more effective in attracting potential customers. Talk about a win-win.

So how does blogging help grow your business?

Your Blog Is Ultimately a Marketing Channel That:


1.Attracts Visitors


The Statistic: Companies that blog have 55% more visitors to their website. (Source: Hubspot)

Google is responsible for over 94% of all global search traffic. Therefore, blogging is a beneficial way for small businesses to build brand awareness and set themselves apart from competitors.

If your blog provides relevant and useful content to your target audience, it will attract visitors.

Sharing information your readers find valuable is key to keeping them engaged. Don’t blog about what you find interesting. Consider what’s important to your target audience (in all stages of the buyer’s journey).

Source: Moz


Lastly, make sure the content is well written, researched, and reliable.

2.Helps Convert Visitors into Leads


The Statistic: B2B online marketers who have blogs gain 67% more leads. (Source: Hubspot)

Business blogging can help leads and customers understand their problems and answer questions they may have.

At the same time, you’re educating your target audience on the products and or services your business offers.

In turn, this generates higher conversions, sales, and better customer retention.

Furthermore, blogging provides an opportunity for you to create a personal connection with prospective and new customers.

You can do this by including a comments section on your posts. This way, visitors and customers can reach out to you.

By adding a conversation, you engage the reader and open the door to endless possibilities.

Plus, you improve customer service by communicating directly with people. It’s much more helpful than having a static page.

3.Creates Opportunities for Sharing 


The Statistic: Companies that blog receive 97% more links to their website. (Source: Business 2 Community)

Adding valuable blogging content encourages engagement with your brand.

When someone shares your blog, it provides more discovery opportunities for your business while also increasing your exposure to a new audience.

Plus, your blog posts give you content you can use on social media. With multiple sharing platforms, you can increase your market growth exponentially.

Source: Social Media Examiner

4.Increases Your Ranking in Google (SEO)


The Statistic: Companies that blog receive 434% more indexed pages. (Source: Hubspot)

The search engines will love you.

Search engines reward you for providing fresh content, using relevant keywords, and providing valuable content for searchers.

Each blog post gives the search engines new content to index. With each post, that’s one more indexed page. And one more chance to show up in search engine results.

An excellent way to boost organic traffic is by using search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Blog posts improve your opportunity to receive more inbound links. These are links to your website from other websites. Inbound links directly improve your SEO.

5.Builds Credibility


The Statistic: 68.5% of consumers say that a blog adds credibility to a website. (Source: Hosting Tribunal)

For many consumers, an updated blog is a sign that companies care about their customers.

It’s a useful relationship tool because unlike other marketing strategies, it doesn’t just tell someone to buy something.

Business blogging can add real value to the customer by helping them understand and solve their problems.

By blogging, you’re providing educational information in a more casual and personal tone. Which can help you build trust with your audience.

Also, it shows leads and customers you’re knowledgeable and experienced in your industry.

It takes time to build authority, but the payoff is well worth it.

Take, for instance, compound blog posts—the posts that help solve the reader’s problems. They don’t lose value or relevancy over the long term and will continue to generate new leads and traffic over time.

Source: Key Difference Media

The Bottom Line 


So, if you own a small business or work freelance, you might want to consider the advantages a blog could offer.

If you don’t have the time to write a blog, hire someone. There are writers such as myself and other freelancers you can employ to help you get started.

There are people out there looking for your products and/or services. The time to grow your business is now.

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